ECHA SDS Compliance Checks Starting in 2023

By Lorrie Ritter, Sr. Chemical Regulatory Compliance Specialist

ECHA SDS Compliance Checks

ECHA’s enforcement Forum met back in June of 2021and agreed to control safety data sheets (SDS) in an EU-wide enforcement project (REF-11). These inspections will look at the quality of information in the EU SDS. The project will run throughout 2023, and a report can be expected to continue in 2024. The scope of this project, including the number of SDS to be reviewed, will be determined in 2022 prior to project commencement.

The Forum’s 2013 REF-2 project found that up to 52% of the SDS reviewed were:

  1. Of poor quality.
  2. Could not effectively communicate safety information to the supply chain.
  3. Did not supply adequate information for workers to use hazardous substances and mixtures safely. 

This new project is focused on ensuring better SDS quality.

The project will check compliance with the revised requirements under Annex II to REACH, which sets the content and format required for safety data sheets. With the revised requirements entering into force in 2023, this is a timely opportunity to have a harmonized project to check that companies across the EU are fulfilling this duty.

A revised compendium will be developed and soon be published on ECHA’s website. They will be expanding the number of analytical methods recommended for checking compliance with REACH restrictions. The current compendium contains 400 methods for checking 56 restriction entries from Annex XVII to REACH – including some of the latest entries such as entry 72 restricting the use of substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic for reproduction (CMRs) in textiles. The compendium not only facilitates enforcement but also makes it easier for companies to verify that they comply with restriction conditions.

Our team at GSM will be consistently monitoring the progress of this ECHA forum as well as any updates coming from other regulatory agencies. Our goal is to ensure compliant SDS can be delivered using our TotalSDS Authoring software and to simplify your regulatory compliance. Request a demo today or subscribe to TotalSDS to receive free updates on the ECHA SDS Compliance Checks and ensure your documents are effectively communicating the hazards of your products! Please contact GSM to find out how we can help.