Richard Nicholas Sr.

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Nicholas Sr. is the President and Chief Executive Officer of TotalSDS. He has served as a Board Member on TotalSDS’s Board of Directors since 2019.

Mr. Nicholas has over 25 years of experience as a serial technology entrepreneur as the Founder and CEO of multiple successful technology startups specializing in providing complex technology services to enterprise customers. Services range from custom application development, global network administration and consulting to big data analysis and reporting.
He also founded and led E Solutions Networks which provides high availability data center hosting services through the firm’s multiple redundant and highly secure Tier III Data Centers. Data centers are primarily used by financial institutions, hospitals, insurance and telecommunications firms that require 24/7/365 uptime.
Prior to joining TotalSDS, Mr. Nicholas was an Operating Partner, Investment Committee Member and investor at venture capital firm Florida Funders, LLC. Mr. Nicholas was the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of E Solutions Corporation and its subsidiaries (ESC). He led the company’s expansion providing application development, large-scale global infrastructure deployment and data center hosting services to ESC’s enterprise customers including, PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM, Viacom, Skanska, ExxonMobil, Vivendi, URS, 22 Major League Baseball teams and others.
Richard Nicholas Sr. Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Nicholas built, grew, acquired and spun off multiple subsidiaries under the ESC umbrella including, ScoutAdvisor®, E Solutions Networks, SiteLogic, HostingAmerica.comTM and others. ESC was acquired by cable and internet provider, Knology Inc. (NASDAQ – KNOL) which was itself acquired two months later by Wide Open West, Inc. (WOW!). E SolutionsSM and HostingAmericaTM branding has been incorporated into WOW! Business Services.
Richard Nicholas Sr. was also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ESC subsidiary, ScoutAdvisor Corporation. ScoutAdvisor® is the big data analysis and reporting system that was featured in the book and movie, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, by Michael Lewis published in 2004. ScoutAdvisor® is a front office player management system built specifically for Major League Baseball teams. ScoutAdvisor® provides real-time analysis and reporting of player performance metrics. The company competed head-to-head against a system created by IBM. Within six years ScoutAdvisor® dominated the space with 22 out of 30 MLB teams using the system.