Submitting a Binder

To meet regulatory compliance, submitted (M)SDS Binders must only have the products specific to the inventory of your office. General industry binders are not accepted. Please ensure that the contents of the Binder match the inventory of current and previous products at your office. The binder fee includes up to 200 Safety Data Sheets. If you submit more than 200 Safety Data Sheets, an additional fee will be applied.

Step 1

Download the Shipping Manifest

Click the following link to download a copy of the Shipping Manifest.

Step 2

Complete the Shipping Manifest

Complete the downloaded Shipping Manifest and make sure to include the completed Manifest inside the box containing the Binder.

Step 3

Ship the Binder

Ship the Binder with a service that provides a Tracking Number to:

TotalSDS Binder Processing
Attn: Brooke Paz
91 Two Creeks Loop
Chapel Hill, NC 27517


Below are the updated one-time fee prices for receiving, scanning, and uploading physical binders of SDSs to the TotalSDS Management system. This includes reviewing whether data entry is required and the data entry itself. Shipping costs are to be covered by the customer.

200 SDS(s)

0-200 or less paper SDSs submitted for documentation.


300 SDS(s)

201-300 or less paper SDSs submitted for documentation.


400 SDS(s)

301-400 or less paper SDSs submitted for documentation.


500 SDS(s)

401-500 or less paper SDSs submitted for documentation.


If you would like your Binder returned to you, please provide a pre-paid return label in the box/envelope with the Binder.

Processing of physical Binders take 5 to 15 business days from receipt. If you need an SDS during the processing time, you can search for it in the GSM Master SDS Database under “Add SDS” in the Admin Section of AutoSDS.

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