TotalSDS Authoring

A Top-Down Approach to SDS Authoring

How are we able to reduce SDS authoring time to mere minutes? Other SDS software starts with the chemical formula and builds from the bottom up, contending with an infinite number of potential ingredient combinations. This tedious approach is not only time-consuming, but it often results in the over-classification of products. Our TotalSDS Author wizard logic eliminates multiple steps by taking a top-down view of roughly 33,000 possible hazard combinations to quickly categorize, change and create documents in minutes, rather than the standard days, weeks or even months.

Features and Benefits of TotalSDS Authoring

  • Any chemical formulation or ingredient change is easily and quickly updated
  • Product classification changes are automatically pushed to all related SDSs
  • Multi-jurisdictional templates enable seamless shipping to multiple countries
  • Version and user role controls empower greater collaboration
  • Commercial and R&D product separation eliminates human error and interpretation
  • Translations available for multi-country SDS creation
  • Trade secrets and proprietary ingredients remain secure
  • Product family groupings enable easy management of SDS libraries

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Whether you are looking for a complete software solution with TotalSDS or are looking for standalone Authoring solutions from our regulatory team of experts, TotalSDS is your partner in compliance.

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