Case Studies

JBS Industries

JBS Industries is a leading car wash supplies manufacturer that has been creating high-quality car wash and industrial cleaners since 1979. Since then, JBS has continued to grow its business and client base across the entire spectrum of professional cleaning, serving the United States, Canada and various markets worldwide. Customers range from dog groomers to big rig wash owners, and maintenance crews involved in aviation. As a car wash soap manufacturer, they create densely concentrated products with high dilutions, product consistency, custom manufacturing, and private labeling capabilities. JBS is constantly evolving with the industry through product innovation and environmental engineered products.

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Zircoa, Inc.

Founded in 1952, Zircoa, Inc. engineers and manufactures specialty ceramic materials for a worldwide customer base. Their products are made from a combination of Zirconium Oxide and one of three stabilizers. Zircoa uses traditional ceramic processes to shape these formulas, including pressing or casting. Products they produce fall into the following categories: Technical Ceramics, Specialty Refractories and Granular Forms.

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