TotalSDS Manager – Anytime, Anywhere

Affordable, Easy to use SDS Management Software

You have customers to keep happy and products to manufacture, you do not have time to stay current on all the ever-changing GHS regulations governing the chemicals in your workplace. At TotalSDS, we are focused on ensuring employee safety by simplifying chemical regulatory compliance so you can focus on your core business. Stop organizing paper binders and let us create an electronic SDS library for you.

Our TotalSDS Manager is:

  • Accessible & Easy to Use
    • Accessible from any mobile device and any location; great for mobile units, trucks and jobsites.
    • When your team is in the field, they can access a full database of up-to-date SDSs Easy to view, download, print and share SDSs and other technical documents as needed.
  • Efficient & Scalable
    • Easily configured for multiple locations and departments.
    • Unlimited amount of users and administrators
    • Two levels of access includes an administrative portal for reporting
  • Up-To-Date & Compliant
    • We source compliant documentation and periodically update it for you.
    • Easy reporting features, including the OSHA mandated Chemical inventory list.

How Does TotalSDS Manager Work?

SDSs are our world. When you provide your chemical inventory, our sourcing experts know exactly the SDSs that should be in your library. You will never need to search databases to create or update your SDS library.

With TotalSDS Manager, our compliance experts will:

  • Source your documents, so they are compliant and current when you start and periodically during the life of your contract.
  • Consolidate all documents for each product into one record, regardless of how many locations use it and how many versions are attached to that record.
  • Allow you to create as many administrative users as needed to organize the library to your workflow.
  • Train you properly with visuals, videos and live sessions to ensure adoption and implementation.
  • Include a search bar that functions like a web search to easily find and access SDSs. Every chemical is indexed and searchable by product name or manufacturer name!
  • Allow you to request new SDSs for your library with the click of a button.

An easy and affordable solution for the most time consuming part of your safety plan. Get started with a demo with one of our compliance experts.

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