TotalSDS™ Manager
QR Code Poster

When you subscribe to TotalSDS™ Manager, you not only stay compliant for OSHA requirements, but you also give your employees immediate access to safety information for the hazardous products in your workplace.  

Subscribe now to receive your complimentary custom SDS library QR code and poster for quick and easy access to critical safety information on any device—ensuring your office remains safe and up to standard. 

Simply display the poster in common work areas where employees can quickly scan the code to access product safety information and first aid. This is truly the fastest and most reliable way to keep your team safe, whether in the office, warehouse, or in the field. 

Try out the code for yourself. Scan the code on this page with your phone or tablet to take you to a sample safety data sheet library where you will be able to quickly search for a product SDS. It’s that easy. 

ABC Manufacturing Master Library - SDS Emergency Information Poster