Case Study – JBS Industries

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Executive Summary

The Product and Formulation Chemist at JBS Industries knew their current SDS authoring system was not up to speed and that they needed a better tool to gain productivity. As a 40-year industry chemist, he had been spending too much time researching complicated and changing regulations that a compliant SDS requires and not enough time on product formulation. After evaluating nine competitors and their software, they chose TotalSDS.

"The TotalSDS™ platform does everything it says it can do. There are no surprises. What is advertised is exactly what you get. The customer support is outstanding! The TotalSDS team has been available to help with any kind of regulatory or software question I have, and they are extremely responsive. And more than that, the software capabilities are consistently getting better as they are adding more and more features."

Greg Switzer
Product/Formulation Chemist
JBS Industries