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Safety Data Sheets have historically been used in hard copy format, stored away in a binder for reference making it almost impossible to quickly author and update them.

These OSHA-required documents are designed to help employees identify hazardous materials and understand the appropriate handling of these materials. However, manually authoring and updating every hazardous substance’s safety data sheet (SDS) often feels outdated and cumbersome, taking up a lot of time and resulting in the misclassification of products.

Enterprises today now have access to SDS software to streamline the supply chain and enhance the compliance process. For any business whose products require SDSs, utilizing SDS authoring software offers many benefits, from automating all product classification changes to eliminating human error and interpretation that often comes along with authoring manually.

Want a better system for authoring your safety data sheets? Here are the top use cases for taking advantage of SDS authoring software for your enterprise:

Automating and Digitizing Systems

Systems managed by hand were once the standard, but modern technology has afforded us the advantage of automating tedious tasks and integrating legacy processes into the digital world. Using SDS software can help enterprises move away from writing up these documents by hand, ultimately automating processes that once took up a lot of time, energy, and attention to detail. Going fully electronic modernizes the archaic system of identifying and classifying hazards and can propel businesses into the innovative systems of today and tomorrow.

Taking In-House Command

Many enterprises rely on outsourced intervention to author, organize, and deliver SDSs. However, in-house SDS software puts these businesses back in the driver’s seat, giving them back control over their documents and delivery timeline without having to take on the tedium and time commitment of filling out paperwork.

Updating and Streamlining

For enterprises looking to update an antiquated and time-consuming system, SDS software can streamline the process and make it less challenging. Paper safety data sheets once worked well, but as most business practices have become digital, upgrading to SDS software is a much-needed change that can help enterprises keep up with the times.

Utilizing Talent for High-Level Tasks

When companies devote less time to meticulous task-heavy work, they are freed up to use their resources of time and talent more productively. Using skilled employees to perform menial SDS tasks isn’t the best use of anyone’s time, so automating these time-intensive tasks offers the opportunity to use these high-value team members where their skills, expertise, and knowledge can be taken advantage of.

For example, in our JBS Industries case study, using TotalSDS decreased the time spent on the authoring process by 80% and allowed these workers to spend more time on critical job functions.

Maintaining Consistent Compliance

Safety data sheets authored by hand on paper leave room for human error, which can result in inconsistent compliance and recurring challenges for a company’s customers. Switching to an automated SDS software can enhance consistency with compliance standards, increasing the reliability and quality of documentation and reducing customer complaints.

For example, when Zircoa, Inc. introduced TotalSDS by GSM into their compliance system, they were able to quickly make SDS edits in just minutes to maintain compliance with their wide range of products, many of which have the same ingredients and may only vary by name or number.

Going Global

Digital SDS authoring software allows for quick expansion into new markets and jurisdictions, eliminating the worry about the time to handle SDSs for new markets and the expertise needed to create them. It also manages the different jurisdiction requirements and translations that come with going global.

Mitigate Risk

SDS software helps enterprises reduce their risk in various ways. First, it ensures that safety data sheets are always updated, helping companies avoid compliance issues and fines that can add up quickly. It also provides the resources that workers need to handle various hazardous materials appropriately to reduce the chance of injury or health impacts.

Solution: Use TotalSDS for Faster, Safer, and More Compliant Safety Data Sheets

If you’re looking for additional use cases to streamline your SDS processes, enhance compliance, and mitigate risk, contact the GSM team today to learn more about our SDS authoring software, TotalSDS.