Hazard Communication Ranks High on OSHA’s Top Violations List

With over 4,500 violations, Hazard Communication is #2 on OSHA’s top-cited violations. The top five sections within the Hazard Communication Standard most cited are:

  1. Developing, implementing and maintaining a written hazard communication program.
  2. Providing effective information and training on hazardous chemicals.
  3. Maintaining copies of required Safety Data Sheets that are readily accessible.
  4. Obtaining and developing a Safety Data Sheet for each hazardous chemical.
  5. Product/hazard identification with words, pictures, symbols.

Ultimately, OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard is designed to ensure that information about chemical and toxic substance hazards in the workplace and associated protective measures is disseminated to workers. As an employer, you are responsible for increasing understanding and reducing risks for your employees to avoid incidents and fines. Do you have an efficient solution in place?

A Top-Down View of Over 30,000 Hazard Combinations

At TotalSDS, we understand the pain points of outdated SDS technology that makes hazard communication time-consuming and costly. Our patent-pending, cloud-based software, TotalSDS, takes a top-down view of over 30,000 hazard combinations and is scalable, flexible, and easy to use. With TotalSDS you can:

  • Make compliance easier
  • Disseminate hazardous information faster
  • Ensure a safer work environment
  • Save time and money