TotalSDS™ Manager brings a reliable, simplified SDS management software to National OnDemand’s safety program.

Because we've done business together for so many years, I've really appreciated having a trusted partner. I've been able to rely on TotalSDS's expertise and say, here's what I want; here's what I need. Help me get there.

Matt RehlanderCorporate Director of
EHS & Risk Management
National OnDemand, Inc.


National OnDemand subscribed to the TotalSDS™ Manager platform due to the need for enhanced software measures and partnership with a familiar, reliable safety team. The software offered features and functionalities that addressed specific safety concerns at the company, such as compliance management and immediate access to safety information for employees using a QR code. Implementing this software would ensure a safer work environment, compliance with regulations, and streamlined safety protocols, aligning with National OnDemand’s goal to prioritize employee well-being and meet industry standards.


National OnDemand, Inc. is a communications and utilities infrastructure provider delivering service solutions to the fiber, wireless, energy, and technology industries in the United States. Headquartered in Burlington, North Carolina, the company provides complete turnkey infrastructure solutions.


When Matt Rehlander joined National OnDemand as their Corporate Director of EHS & Risk, he realized that improvements were needed for SDS management so that their employees could have consistent, reliable access to critical safety information. In previous roles, he had become accustomed to TotalSDS’s safety guidance and the personal attention he received from the customer care team.

The service they were using could not create an SDS library. According to Matt, “They were using an 800 number, and if you needed an SDS, you called the number, and the service would send one. This wasn’t working for us and was not a reliable solution.”


Since 2019, longtime customer Matt Rehlander has been highly satisfied with the software and service he has received from TotalSDS. He was particularly interested to learn that a QR code and site poster was an added feature with his software package. He posted the code and made it available to his employees in all areas and locations. His previous organization had an onsite OSHA inspection just two weeks after TotalSDS had implemented the SDS management software. Matt commented, “I had a site inspection from OSHA up in Washington state. We had the poster up on the job board with the QR code. The inspector was elated! He said the code was ‘revolutionary.’”

“As most folks know, if your paperwork and your program information is upfront and ready to present, it makes the process of an OSHA inspection that much easier. And for the inspector to be able to just scan it with his phone – that was key.”

So, when Matt joined the National OnDemand team earlier this year, he already knew the changes he wanted to implement for the company’s management of safety data sheets. He wanted to bring a higher level of service and software to the organization. He already knew the value of the QR code and how that affected the ease of a site inspection.


Since bringing TotalSDS Manager, along with the customer care team, on board with National OnDemand, Matt has been able to focus on other areas, knowing his employees have immediate access to safety information. “Adding the QR code feature, for us, has really transformed the process of quickly getting safety information. Being able to immediately access that critical information in the field has made all the difference. It’s just amazing!”

Matt’s team has used the QR code with National OnDemand’s brand colors to print decals for all their vehicles so that they will have the library at their fingertips. Their marketing department has used the QR codes for their product SDSs to introduce the products from the sales side in the bidding process. Another feature that Matt points out is the ability to run a report quickly. “By clicking a few selections, I get what I’m looking for. Which makes it so much easier when you’re dealing with the regulatory side of my job.”