Did you know that regulatory compliance is costing companies over $210 BILLION dollars a year? Help your customers reduce those costs while you gain a competitive edge and create a recurring revenue stream for your business by teaming up with TotalSDS as a reseller of our software. Gain insight into what your customers want, need and purchase and offer them a compliance solution that will save them time and money!

You can become your customer’s champion by solving their OSHA compliance problems, while simultaneously solving your own.  Help your customers by providing the easiest and most affordable solution in the industry.

Our online SDS management tool that meets OSHA compliance standards and provides important employee safety information.  For less than the cost to maintain a physical binder, you are offering the peace-of-mind that your customer’s compliance worries are a thing of the past!

Benefits of our software include:

  • Comprehensive searchability by product name, manufacturer, component name and more
  • Easy mobile access for all employees with a smartphone or tablet
  • Be able to easily create chemical lists
  • Be able to save and print your SDSs and labels.

Our Partners

Patterson Companies, Inc.

Patterson Companies, Inc. is a medical supplies conglomerate primarily in the business of veterinary and dental products.


SMS360 is a software application that manages operational risk and regulatory compliance with the following key elements: Incident recording/investigations, Lockout/Tagout, Risk Assessments, Audits, Mobile Apps, Inspections, Electronic filing of OSHA reports, DOT Compliance, State FROI and WC forms, Claims Management and now partners with TotalSDS to bring SDS Management to their users.


Sospes EHS management software helps organizations stay healthy and safe by ensuring accountability and compliance and improving safety culture.

Safety Plus

Safety Plus has been providing high-quality loss control for over 25 years. Safety Plus’s mission is to deliver aggressive risk management service that generates a significant return on investment, reduce employee-related risks, and save clients both time and money. SafetyPlusWeb™ is a comprehensive safety management solution that allows you to train employees, track compliance, log inspections, manage incidents, and more.