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The American Chemical Society’s Tampa Bay section has appointed Joshua Nevels, DC, Technical Director of chemical regulatory compliance at Global Safety Management, Inc., to serve as its 2017 Public Relations Representative, effective immediately. In this role Dr. Nevels will be responsible for community outreach, event coordination and media relations for the Tampa area.

It’s a great honor to serve the American Chemical Society and the local Tampa Bay community, by promoting accurate education and reporting on matters related to our local chemical industry,” says Dr. Nevels.

Dr. Nevels will also serve on a Public Relations Task Force, along with Dr. Gary Laco, from the Roskamp Institute of Sarasota, and Dr. Susan Del Valle, Assistant Professor at the University of Tampa, with a focus on public relations policy and literature development.

The American Chemical Society (ACS) was founded in 1876 with the goal of bringing the theory and application of chemistry together, by promoting collaboration between industry and academia.  With over 158,000 members globally, it is the world’s largest scientific society. The Tampa Bay section of the ACS is composed of a diverse group of chemists, toxicologists and chemical engineers, representing local Analytical Instrument and Medical Device manufacturers, as well as the Pharma and Biotech industries.

“Having spent almost 15 years in the Specialty Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries, in various roles from small molecule and polymer synthesis, to product development and regulatory compliance, Dr. Nevels brings a deep understanding of the development, sale, distribution, transportation, use and regulation of chemical goods. We’re proud to see him leverage this experience in his new and exciting role with the Tampa Bay ACS,” says Julie MacGregor, CEO of Global Safety Management, Inc.