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virtual compliance teamWhile EHS compliance remains necessary for a successful business, the general shift in priority to reduce costs and liabilities has led companies to re-assess their compliance program and consider alternatives.

For many of these businesses in the environmental health and safety industry to stay focused on productivity and profitability, the answer was found in outsourcing part of their compliance management to a virtual compliance team.

An outsourced, virtual compliance team provides several benefits in the face of new and existing EHS challenges. They can help avoid OSHA fines, minimizing costs and improving the bottom line; reduce the number of people in the office, creating a more COVID-19 friendly workplace; and lower company liability while allowing them to focus on core competencies.

EHS Compliance Challenges

When your company’s compliance is not managed correctly, it can result in OSHA fines that can quickly add up.

Each year, OSHA adjusts the costs of the civil penalties a business is charged for EHS violations. The most recently adjusted costs reflect the staggering price a company could potentially face based on the type and severity of its violations.

For example, in 2021, a business may be penalized a minimum of $975 and a maximum of $13,653 per serious violation. Failure to abate these violations beyond the abatement period can result in an additional $13,653 per day.

Additionally, staffing a full in-house EHS compliance department comes at a substantial cost. Because of the extra workspace, hiring costs, equipment, and employee compensation, this certainly isn’t the most affordable option.

For those without a full, dedicated in-house team, the responsibility of compliance often falls on employees who already have enough on their plate. This heavy workload can reduce their overall quality of work and increase the chances of a compliance violation.

The Evolving Compliance Team

As EHS compliance evolves over the years, so must the compliance team. Today’s compliance team must provide several services and skills, focusing primarily on:

  • Leading with technology: Utilizing the latest and greatest EHS compliance technology can reduce human error and make the overall process more manageable.
  • Closing efficiency gaps: Identifying and improving upon previous inefficiencies strengthens the compliance process and reduces future violations.
  • Following ever-changing regulations: Regulations are changing every day, and proper compliance requires responsive action.
  • Supporting a culture of safety: With nothing to focus on but safety, a dedicated compliance team can improve the work culture around safety.

Benefits of a Virtual Compliance Team

Electing to use a virtual compliance team to supplement your in-house team or support one in-house manager offers the following benefits:

Technology Experts at Your Fingertips

With technology experts available at your fingertips, you can enjoy automated processes and streamlined safety data that make daily workflows simpler.

Low Risk, High Reward

Outsourcing immediately removes a level of responsibility from your employees, allowing them to focus on their actual roles and increase productivity. Unlike hiring a full compliance team, outsourcing can also bring flexibility in both cost and level of involvement.

You get the reassurance that your company can avoid fines and penalties and save money while doing it.

Specialized Perspectives

Working with outsourced industry professionals offers specialized, fresh perspectives from a team whose expertise is compliance with multi-disciplinary experience to back it up.

Ensure Employee Safety

Qualified compliance teams have the time and means to develop appropriate safety protocols and procedures for the employees at your workplace. They can also conduct safety audits to uncover any potential hazards before they occur.

Lowers Liability

Choosing to outsource your compliance mitigates the risk of environmental, health, and safety hazards, which naturally reduces your company’s liability. A safer workplace translates to reduced workers’ compensation insurance costs as well.

Freedom to Focus on Core Competencies

When it comes down to it, EHS compliance is not likely a core part of your business. Leave compliance to the experts so you can focus on the core competencies of your business without sacrificing safety integrity.

Your SDS Compliance Management Partner

Global Safety Management is dedicated to creating a safer workplace and environment by simplifying chemical information documentation and EHS compliance. Our cloud-based software and compliance team can set you up for success by streamlining SDS documents and staying on top of the ever-evolving regulatory landscape so that you can focus on what you do best.

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