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If you are a business that manufactures, sells, purchases, or uses chemical-based products, compliance with California Proposition 65 is essential. Proposition 65 requires companies to warn Californians about significant exposures to chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. To comply with Prop 65, businesses must ensure that their products do not contain any of the 900+ chemicals on the Prop 65 list in significant amounts. If they do, they must provide a clear and reasonable warning before exposing anyone to those chemicals.

Prop 65 compliance hinges on having accurate and up-to-date information about the chemicals in products. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) provide information on chemical substances, including their physical, chemical, and toxicological properties. In addition to this, they also provide crucial insight into regulatory compliance, including Prop 65 listing, for chemicals. The information on an SDS can help businesses identify whether their products contain any of the chemicals on the Prop 65 list and whether they need to warn consumers.

Accurate documentation of the Prop 65 status for chemicals on SDS documents is crucial because incorrect or incomplete information can lead to non-compliance and potential legal consequences. 

This is where TotalSDS comes in. TotalSDS is a cloud-based SDS Management and Authoring software company that can help businesses achieve Prop 65 compliance by providing accurate and up-to-date SDS documents. By leveraging the TotalSDS platform, you can not only create new, compliant SDSs, but also continuously ensure their adherence to the evolving California Proposition 65 compliance requirements over time.

TotalSDS Author also offers features such as an array of languages, an easy-to-use wizard, and fast SDS editing and duplication, making it easier for businesses to create SDSs.

In conclusion, compliance with California Prop 65 is essential for businesses that manufacture, sell, purchase, or use chemical-based products. Having accurate SDS documents is a critical component of achieving compliance. TotalSDS is a cloud-based SDS Authoring software that can help businesses achieve Prop 65 compliance by providing access to quick and accurate user-friendly software. With TotalSDS, companies can ensure they have the information they need to comply with Prop 65 and other safety regulations.