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1. Do we have to list all of the ingredients in our product?

You only have to list the ingredients in your product that are considered hazardous.  You do not have to list non-hazardous ingredients in the SDS.

2. Will we need to provide the exact % and CAS # of our ingredients?

Answer:  You have to provide an exact % for authoring, but on the final SDS we can show a range that you specify.  For example, if there is 5.3% of ingredient A in your product we can simply list it as 1-10% on the final SDS in Section 3.

3. What will we need to provide as far as physical and chemical properties go?

Answer:  The more physical/chemical data you can provide the better.  It is necessary for classification purposes to provide the pH, flash point, boiling point, density and appearance.

4. If we ship to other countries, can you provide a compliant SDS?

Answer:  We can always provide a global SDS that covers you for international shipment but we will need to know the additional countries that you ship to as each country has their own specific research required.

5. What is your revision/question policy?

Answer:  Our GHS template is a concise, compliant, easy-to-read document that is inclusive of all of the GHS regulations.  However, some customers need to make changes after we have authored their document.  It is important that these revisions are all compiled into a revision request form.

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