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Takeaways From SSPC Coatings+ 2019

We learned a lot at SSPC’s Coatings+ from many great industry experts and leaders. Our biggest takeaway is that the coatings industry could use some support in making compliance easier to manage. Not only to save companies time and money but to provide a safer work environment for employees. In an emergency, employees need an SDS in seconds and as a manufacturer, you want to open new markets in days not months!

Making SDSs Cool For Coatings Companies

According to OSHA’s HazCom Standard, any U.S. company that purchases sells or uses chemical-based products must produce mandatory SDS documents and labels that comply with safety regulations. As you know, SDSs can be long and complex and regulatory requirements can change at any time, making manual authoring and management time consuming and riddled with the potential for human errors. Because of this, OSHA says in 1910.1200(g)(8) that it is permissible to provide electronic access to SDSs (versus a paper binder).

So how do you take advantage of this and where to start? Total SDS.

How Total SDS Can Help Your Business

Powered by Global Safety Management (GSM), Total SDS is an Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) solution that helps ensure product compliance and workplace safety. Total SDS software enables users to create, distribute and manage compliant safety data sheets (SDSs) in minutes, without needing to be a regulatory expert or chemist.

An easy button for compliance

When you are starting a company or managing several employees in risky workplace environments, you don’t have time to spend maintaining an SDS database in a paper binder nor the money to waste on OSHA fines. When you are manufacturing coatings or abrasives,  you can reduce SDS authoring time to minutes, rather than industry standard hours, weeks, or even months and give access to multiple users on any device at any time with a user-friendly interface.

An extension of your insurance policy

Workplace injuries happen. What’s your plan when they do? Can your employees access your SDSs quickly and easily? Are they up to date? An electronic solution can put up-to-date SDSs in the palm of your employee’s hands in seconds.

So what are you waiting for? Request a free demo today to see how we can cater our technology to your company’s needs and get you up and running quickly. Still not convinced, read more about if cloud SDS management is right for your company.