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cloud based sdsThis is a question that is often asked by companies – and the short answer to the question is a resounding ‘YES!’ There are, however, conditions that must be met.

For electronic workplace SDS compliance, OSHA requires that the availability and accessibility of electronic SDSs be included in your organization’s Hazard Communication Plan. An OSHA-defined Hazard Communication Plan is a written document that …

  • Identifies hazardous chemicals in the workplace;
  • Identifies chemical containers, container locations and quantities-on-hand of hazardous chemicals at the site;
  • Keeps up-to-date SDSs for all chemicals in the workplace;
  • Trains employees about chemical hazards as well as how to find and access SDS;
  • Informs employees who are involved in non-routine tasks that may involve hazardous chemicals of the hazards associated with them;
  • Informs contractors, visitors, and others of the presence of hazardous materials

And most companies choose electronic management as a way to be efficient but also stay up-to-date with compliance standards.

Still not convinced? Here are five benefits of electronic SDS management:

  1. Saves Time. An electronic system for safety data sheets makes finding them quick and painless. Further, it’s also mobile, providing real-time access to the most critical chemical information at the exact moment of need.
  2. Saves Money. The more time a company can have its skilled labor engaging in tasks that put the employee’s education, experience and acumen to use, the better the return the company receives on its investment.
  3. It’s Efficient. An electronic SDS system reduces redundancies and provides accessible and transparent compliance information across an organization.
  4. It’s Sustainable. Managing SDSs electronically can help a company be more sustainable as it helps reduce the chemical footprint of the organization, keeping the most hazardous chemicals out of the supply chain.
  5. Reduces Risk. Responsible chemical and SDS management can help mitigate many of the biggest risks as employees with proper training and access to critical safety information are able to make better, safer decisions.

Bottom line: You have a company to run – and you don’t have time to stay current on all the ever-changing GHS regulations governing the chemicals in your workplace – but you can’t afford not to. So at Global Safety Management, we ensure that your SDSs are readily available, up-to-date and easily accessible on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Give your employees the easiest solution to use in the industry, and give your safety managers the SDS management tools they need. Get started with a demo and find out why GSM is the only one in the industry to have won the Consumers’ Choice Award.