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Even as technology rapidly evolves, safety regulatory compliance remains essential for most businesses operating in commercial and manufacturing environments. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are uniquely facing a set of translation challenges that ensure accuracy and effectiveness. It’s critical that technical documents, manuals, and specifications maintain a high degree of integrity and clarity across different languages. This is especially crucial for industries such as engineering, manufacturing, and healthcare, where precise technical terminology is essential for safety, compliance, and effective communication. 

SDS translation software built by TotalSDS authoring software helps companies reach broader markets, comply with international standards, and ensure their products and services are accessible to the global audience. 

Businesses can now operate across borders and reliable technical translation services for SDS play a vital role in facilitating clear communication and fostering successful international partnerships. Even more importantly, SDSs in the local language is a requirement for many countries when a shipment reaches customs. To avoid delayed shipments or fines, many businesses are required to produce translated Safety Data Sheets.  

While tools for translation have revolutionized the way we break language barriers, there are many disadvantages when selecting from those that offer run of the mill interpretations. Many of these tools employ machine learning algorithms to decipher and translate text swiftly. Popular examples include Google Translate, DeepL, and even Xerox. While these widely used platforms provide quick translations for casual use, professional translation software offers distinct advantages. 

Let’s take a look at how TotalSDS translation software trumps Google Translate and others of similar caliber:

Issues with Google Translate: 

  • Incorrect Punctuation: Google Translate often misses or incorrectly places punctuation marks, leading to unclear or awkwardly phrased sentences. 
  • Incorrect Dialect: Machine translations like Google Translate might not capture the nuances of different dialects, resulting in translations that don’t resonate with specific target audiences. 
  • Incorrect Word Forms: It may provide translations with inaccurate word forms, leading to grammatically incorrect or confusing sentences. 

safety data sheets translation software

Example 1: (even without the language understanding, it is easy to see the word differences.) 

English Term  Google Spanish  Editor Spanish 
Fly Ash  Ceniza voladora  Cenizas volantes 
Bottom Ash  Cenizas de fondo  Cenizas sedimentadas 
Clinker  Escoria de huella  Escoria de hulla  
Ceiling limit  Limite de techo  Límite máximo 

Example 2: French Editor’s note: (the Google translation for Slag translated as DAIRY or dairy farmer producing an incorrect and confusing result.) 

English statement  Google French  Editor French 
Avoid generation of dust or actions that result in slag becoming airborne.  Évitez la génération de poussière ou les actions qui entraînent la dispersion du laitier dans l’air.  Évitez la génération de poussière ou les actions qui entraînent la dispersion des scories dans l’air. 

 Advantages of TotalSDS Translations: 

  • Comprehensive Database: TotalSDS draws from an extensive database of translations curated by real human translators over years, ensuring accuracy and cultural relevance. 
  • Expert Editors: Each language is overseen by fluent speaking/writing editors who meticulously review and refine translations, guaranteeing correctness and fluency. 
  • Robust Translation Processes: TotalSDS employs effective translation processes, ensuring consistency and quality across all translated content. 

Want to learn more? Visit our FAQs page to get a full scoop on all capabilities offered through TotalSDS translation services. By choosing TotalSDS, you’re not just getting translations; you’re getting accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and reliability that machine translations from Google Translate can’t match. 

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